about the artist

Spending the lion's share of his life in and around Detroit, Michigan has allowed the region—its history, its people, and its culture—to fuse into the fibre of Kobie Solomon's work. A simoultaneously self-taught street artist and classically trained Illustrator, he attended Detroit’s College of Creative Studies where he studied illustration, classical drawing, and graphic design. Solomon’s prolific work is multidisciplinary; in addition to his more widely recognized public murals and graffiti, he also does private commissions, contemporary pieces, graphic design projects, traditional and digital illustration, architecture and draftsman work, is a published author, and is also renowned for his custom-tailored tattoo designs. Although he works across many mediums, he’s best known for his street art and murals—in particular his Detroit Chimera mural located at the Russell Industrial Center in Midtown Detroit. The piece was completed between 2010 and 2012, and is one of the largest in the Midwest, measuring 8,750 square feet overall. The mural is now considered a symbol of Detroit and an iconic part of American culture, even making it into one of 2014’s biggest Super Bowl ads—one narrated by none other than the legendary Bob Dylan on behalf Daimler-Chrysler.



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